AWS Cloud Products

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global products including storage, networking, enterprise applications, security, database, compute, analytics, IoT and developer tools. These services help organizations to move faster. AWS is trusted by large enterprises, it has lots of workloads including game development, data warehousing and processing, archive, mobile and web applications. Learn more about AWS cloud products with the best guidance. Kickstart your career in this domain, AWS Training in Chennai makes you learn everything about Amazon cloud in the minimal duration. Use this opportunity and get a wonderful career with high salary package.

Amazon Web Services

Millions of customers now prefer AWS to build a perfect mobile and web applications with good flexibility, reliability and scalability. Thousands of customers use a broad range of AWS services and this accelerates AWS pace in the internet of things, AI and serverless computing.

Presently, AWS provides a reliable and low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. Almost 190 countries prefer AWS for their business. Learn more about AWS via AWS course in Chennai, once learning AWS will definitely help to reach a great height in this world.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

An EC2 from Amazon provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud which helps to develop web-scale computing easier for developers.


New customers Amazon EC2 have an offer for one year. It provides on-demand instances starting at $0.090 per hour on Linux and $0.15 per hour on Windows.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Elastic MapReduce allows developers and business to process a large volume of data. A Hosted framework runs on Amazon EC2 and S3.

Amazon CloudFront

CloudFront integrates with Amazon cloud services that help developers to improve your business in an easy way.

Amazon SimpleDB

It is an optimized non-relational data for administrative work. A user can retrieve their data as whenever they required through an internet connection.

Amazon Relational DB service

RDS provides scalable relational databases in the cloud. Database codes were managed; all those codes are used in MySQL. It patches the database software automatically.

Amazon Simple Queue Service

SQS is a hosted queue that increases the workflow and that helps to perform wide varieties of tasks in the limited duration. SQS allows developers to move data easily without losing any data.

Amazon SNS

SNS stands for Simple Notification Service, which helps to send notifications from the cloud via the push mechanism. It also helps to monitor applications and for time-sensitive information updates.

Amazon Cloud watch

It enables monitoring for EC2, so users can choose EC2 instances as per their requirements. Metrics provide visibility; it includes disk reads, writes, networking traffic and CPU utilization.

Enrich your AWS skill via AWS Certification in Chennai. Having an AWS certification gives an additional value in your resume, use this opportunity and learn everything about aws cloud with real-time scenarios.

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