Opportunities and career scope in SAS

SAS stands for the statistical analysis system which is about the data analysis, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, and data management. SAS is used for the clinical research and highly used in the healthcare domain. Statisticians analyze the data and prepare the summary, data listing and graphical representations to understand the business intensively. Informatica, , and SAS all are used for the data analysis. Depending on the company budget and the nature of the business the different data analysis tools are used in the market.

SAS programmers write the program to read the database, edit the database, or to link the database to analyze. Thus, SAS programmers are responsible for different areas of the data analysis. To bring many changes in the healthcare domain the usage of SAS tool is increasing in recent days. SAS Training in Chennai is very helpful for the beginners to get huge opportunities. SAS is used in the healthcare and the finance industry. SAS is used for monitoring the heart patients and the cancer patients.

Skills required for a SAS programmer

The Harvard business review says that the demand for the business analyst would increase by 22 percent by the year 2020. SAS Course in Chennai provides in-depth knowledge about the different scenarios in the data analysis. Data scientists earn the salary more than the chartered accountants and engineers. The Nasscom published a report stating that the revenue from the data analysis is expected to grow by 8 times by the year 2025. There are so many SAS Training Institutes in Chennai with highly experienced trainers. Let me see what are the skills that are required for a data science analyst are analyze the available information, understand the business and analyzing the raw data is very important for the data science.

Technical knowledge is required to handle the high volume data. SAS, R, Python, SPSS, MS Excel and Hadoop are some of the tool used for the analytics. Analytics deal with multiple resources and stakeholders. So communication is part of their job. The most important skill of a data scientist is critical thinking. It is the responsibility of the data scientist to think about the pros and cons of the business and take the decision in various areas.

Some of the tools used for the data analysis include big data technologies, Hadoop, map reduce, hive, pig, Cassandra, R, Python, PHP, Ruby, Matlab, Java, C++, SQL, SAS, SPSS, multivariate statistics, tera data, Oracle, SQL, business intelligence tools like business objects, micro strategy, and tableau.

What is the future of SAS

SAS is going to bring in drastic changes in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical companies have invested a huge amount in the SAS to improve the reporting and the analysis tool. So, the demand for the SAS is increasing constantly. SAS is the invention from the North Carolina University with all the aspects needed for the data analysis.

R programming is equally achieving the market share in recent days. SAS is the older tool than R or python. So, the brand name promotes the product and initializes more sales. This is a licensed software and it is not available at free of cost. So, data science is now available in cloud technology and open source software.

The evolution of data science shows that there is a huge demand for the data analysis and data science. SAS Institute in Chennai provides the in-depth syllabus and real-time projects which is very helpful to understand the different concepts in the data analysis.

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