The Usage of Adjectives

Do you know how to utilize qualifying modifiers(adjectives) in English? If not, don’t stress excessively on the grounds that we are here to enable you to figure out how to utilize them accurately!

We should do it!

Initially, a qualifying descriptive word is a descriptor which describes the “qualities” of a man or object, they are additionally gradable, which implies regularly have alternate extremes. A few cases are: hard, little, short, tall, long… and so on. Learn English the global language there have many things to know in English. Let us take a quick view about adjectives.

Two essential guidelines are:

We generally utilize qualifying descriptors before things(noun).
Qualifying modifiers (adjectives) remain the same for singular and plural things(noun).

The lovely flowers (plural)
The lovely flower (singular)

The big men (plural)
The big man (singular)

We should investigate 3 qualifying modifiers which are exceptionally basic in English, they are:

Huge (Big)

The descriptive word “huge” is utilized to express size or degree of a man or protest.

For instance:

– There was a big house at the end of the street
– That infant was huge blue eyes, they are so lovely!
– That fish tank is big, I don’t think it will fit in the cupboard


The following qualifying Adjective “great” is used to express numerous things. For this situation anyway, it communicates that a situation, thing or individual is tasteful in quality or activity, by how they act, carry on or are.

For instance:
The movie I saw yesterday was good
Have you had a good occasion, Mike?


Finally, the modifier “high” is utilized to express separation, ordinarily from ground level developing upward towards the sky or over somebody’s head. It is utilized to judge separately from base to top or start to finish.

– The plane flies high in the sky!
– That is a high palm tree, I don’t think I can climb it

You can assemble adjectives records to think about that will enable you to construct a more advanced vocabulary. Educators are continually hoping to support the vocabulary of their students, and by learning new descriptive words, students can turn out to be more successful authors and speakers. I suggest attending Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore to enhance your skills in English.

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