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Massaging the specific points by applying pressure on your feet can heal conditions which affect entirely different parts of your body. The pressure applying on certain parts of your feet can heal ailments elsewhere is called reflexology. The science behind reflexology remains not clear. 

Physiotherapists found that reflexology treatment was effective in reducing pain and inducing relaxation in people with chronic pain and also showed that foot Massage in Chennai can help in reducing pain after breast surgery. Reflexology can also reduce the anxiety in people. 

The anxiety can be reduced by placing the pad of your thumb on this depression, massaging the area in small circles, curling your toes. One research shows that people with low back pain saw better results with reflexology than with the lower back massage. If you want to treat your back pain to some reflexology, you should concentrate on the pressure points in the aches and alternate moving your thumbs in a series of short strokes helps in healing.

Myofascial is the release therapy in which the bones, muscles, and organs are covered by the thin tissue. The pain in these tissues comes from pressure points which are hard to localize. Self-treatment is the best treatment and uses myofascial release therapy and it works by gentle, sustained pressure on areas of restrictions. 

Myofascial tissues are the three-dimensional interconnected web which is suggested by Gottesman. Tightness in one place, like your feet, can pull the web of place in other spots. To perform the myofascial release, you should apply the pressure on specific points. To induce the trigger points, roll the ball around with your foot and sit in a comfortable chair or on a sofa. Press down with your foot just enough to let the point soften and hold for 5 to 10 minutes. There is the best evidence to suggest that massaging the feet’s pressure points could be good for your health. It certainly feels good when you have a massage and enjoy exploring your pressure and trigger points and learn which angles and how much pressure suit you in the Best SPA in Chennai. If you have diabetes or any other diseases, then you should check with a doctor before massaging, since diabetic nerve damage could be affected by pressure points. 

Massaging the whole body twice a month makes you feel happy and makes your body energetic. So, massaging is one of the best treatments to relieve foot pain. 

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