Do follow and No follow Links in SEO

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When we come to about SEO, some common words like do index, no index, No follow and Do follow etc., Every word has equal importance in SEO technique. Those who are new to SEO or person who is not still clear in the concepts like No follow and do follow, this article will help you to get some ideas on it. You can get a clear idea about SEO concepts in Digital Marketing Course in Chennai.

No follow

No follow concept is an HTML attribute value that used to instruct web crawlers that a hyperlink should not impact the link’s ranking in the search engine index. This is because to decrease the various search engine spam so that it increases the search engine results and protect our site from spam. No follow links does not allow Google search engine to follow the hyperlink. If the owner of the website is linking back to your website, it will not come under the category link juice. So Google decided that no follow link has less weightage when comparing to do follow. But no follow is the best practice where you don’t have to pass link-juice.

Example for No follow links:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>No Follow</a>

Do follow

Do follow concept allow Search Engines to follow the link. If the webmaster is linking back to your website, both humans and search engines can follow you. The best way to give do follow link is giving your targeted keyword in the anchor text.

Example for Do follow links:

<a href=””>Do Follow</a>

Google has recently announced that No follow link also has included in the count of backlinks for your web page. But it fully depends on the place where the No follow is placed. If the No follows link is placed at the top of the web page it has some impact to the hyperlink, if it is at the bottom of the page it has the less impact.

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