Top Tips to Improve Your OET Speaking Score

Top Tips to Improve Your OET Speaking Score

Here, we shall discuss the tips to achieve high score in OET exam. This blog helps you to crack the OET speaking test.

What is OET?

The OET exam is a unique English language test designed specifically for health care professionals. Since 2013, the OET test has been administered by CBLA, a collaboration between Cambridge English and Boxhill Institute. FITA Academy is the best OET Coaching Centre in Chennai to learn more about OET.

The OET exam was explicitly created for healthcare professions like Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Radiography, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Dietetics, Pharmacy, Podiatry, and Optometry.

Top Tips to Improve Your OET Speaking Score:

Use Positive Language:

Consider a doctor or nurse being impolite to you. Would you be at ease? Obviously, no. Healthcare workers prioritize the comfort and relaxation of patients. The patient or client must be at ease with you.

That is why you should use positive language to instil confidence in your patient. You must be careful not to be impatient or rude to them. Your examiners will be impressed if you maintain a positive attitude toward patients. Join OET Training in Chennai to get immense training with the help of industry experts.

Establish a Supportive Environment:

Start the conversation. Establish a rapport and pay attention to others. Greet your patient, introduce yourself to them, confirm their name, and explain your role in their care. Establish trust with your patient by being attentive. Your motivation will undoubtedly make them feel better.

To effectively understand the patient’s health condition, calmly listen to their narrative. During your role-play, make an effort to speak up and keep the conversation going. Your examiner or interlocutor may not speak up, but you must carry out the discussion effectively.

Accurate Information Transfer:

The next step is to provide your patient with information about their medical condition and other advice. Remember to gather information from patients and to pause when providing information to them. In addition, asking the patient to repeat back to the doctor will ensure that they both understand the same thing.

Use Organized Techniques in Conversations:

You cannot converse with an 8-year-old child and an 80-year-old in the same way. You cannot diagnose them in the same way, so you must adapt your language to the situation. Your language, words, and intonation must be appropriate for treating the patient. Sometimes the OET person you test with will ask you an unusual question to see how you react.

Conclude Well:

It is critical how you complete your test. Rather than sitting without saying anything, summarize your test thoroughly. Check to see if the patient understood what you said. Make an effort to convey information more intelligently and precisely. Determine the patient’s required information and summarize data to encourage patients to provide additional information.


Now you would have understood the Top Tips to Improve Your OET Speaking Score. So, to have a profound understanding of OET, you can join OET Coaching in Chennai and equip yourself with OET speaking tips and strategies.

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