What Steps Does It Involve In The In Vitro Fertilization Process?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an artificial process and commonly used by medical experts in recent times. It is a procedure induced to become fertile through unnatural methods and techniques. They deal with various genetic problems regarding infertility and assist in the conception of the child. The Best IVF Center In Chennai says that around 6.5 million babies are born through the IVF process. A study at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 1.6% of babies are through IVF every year only in America.  Hence, it is a successful way of getting women conceived and famous in today’s world. However, the steps involved in the IVF is a tedious and long-procedure process. The primary method in the IVF involved is fertilizing the egg outside the body through advanced techniques. Hence, in this post, listed below are detailed steps involved in the IVF process.

Suppressing the cycle:

The foremost step in the IVF process is stopping the natural menstrual cycle in women. The woman who chooses IVF for conception needs to suppress the cycle for further procedure. The Gynecologist In Madipakkam says the woman is given the essential drug in the form of an injection to stop the natural menstrual cycle. The injection is injected for about two weeks regularly. 

Inducing ovulation:

The next step in the process is assisting the ovaries to produce eggs. Gynecologists give the women the fertility drug that contains a fertility hormone named follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This drug helps the women’s ovaries to develop more eggs than normal. Medical experts use vaginal ultrasound scans to track the ovary’s process.

Collecting the eggs:

After the eggs are produced, it is retrieved through a surgical procedure named “follicular aspiration.” It involves a thin needle that is inserted through the vagina and into an ovary. The other end of the syringe is attached to the suction device. This device sucks the eggs out of the ovary, and the process is repeated for each ovary. Donated or frozen eggs can be used in this process.


The major step in the process is fertilization. The retrieved eggs are collected and placed together with male sperm under a controlled environment. The sperm enters the eggs after few hours or sometimes, sperms are injected into the eggs directly. Frozen sperm is also used in this process which is obtained by testicular biopsy.  The fertilized egg divides into an embryo and is selected.


The selected embryo is transformed into the women’s womb by the tube or catheter through the vagina. When the embryo sticks into the lining of the womb, healthy embryo growth starts. Generally, more than one embryo is placed in the womb.

Hence, for a successful IVF process and healthy pregnancy, choose the best Gynecologist In Medavakkam. Therefore, consider the steps suggested in the post to gain knowledge about IVF.

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